As Payment we currently accept:

 1) Check(PO box 1161, Oneonta, AL 35121)

2) Paypal, See link below. (

3) Credit card.(Use Buy Now button below)

 We use square so will have to punch in the information you send us.(card type, name,  billing address, number and cvc code)

Member/Pass roster info (Renewals only need name):
Select an option


May: $150.00 ($100.00 for members current since 2018)

June: $140, July: $130, Aug: $120, Sep: $110, Oct: $100, Nov: $90, Dec: $80, Jan $70, Feb: $60, Mar: $50, Apr: $45

Or send a check to Sugarland Lake Association,

 PO box 1161, Oneonta, AL 35121)

It is our pleasure to provide lake permits to upstanding non residents. Permit renewals are $100 for members current and in good standing before May 2019.  $150 dollars annually for all new members(May to May).  We prorate, so if joining after May, the fee will be $10.00 less each month after May.


To join simply contact us via email or facebook or complete the form with payment below.  Also email us the Hold Harmless Agreement.


Once we receive payment, the below member roster information(email or use form below) and the Hold Harmless Agreement, we will send you three boat stickers with your member number on them as well as two membership cards.

We can send them via mail, or meet you somewhere within Oneonta.  The boat launch is a good place.  

We also offer two day passes for $10/water vessel and currently have a Jon boat available for $5/hour or $10/day.  Vests and paddles included.

Sugarland Lake Non Resident

Lake Permits, Day Passes, Donations & Rentals





Po Box 1161, Oneonta, AL 35121

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